ICHI Docs v3

What is ICHI?

ICHI is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that enables users to earn yield with any token. ICHI’s Vaults generate passive yield for any token using liquidity management strategies built on Uniswap V3. ICHI started in 2020, has developed two protocols, and looks to continue growing its DeFi ecosystem.
The ICHI Foundation - ICHI token holders established the ICHI Foundation to facilitate the operations of the ICHI DAO. The ICHI Foundation is an established Cayman Island Foundation and is responsible for managing entities on behalf of the ICHI DAO. Entities include and are not limited to legal, PR, development, marketing, and software organizations. Check out ICHI’s partners here.
ICHI’s Protocols - Since 2020, ICHI has built two protocols using factory contracts; Vaults and Branded Dollars.
The ICHI DAO - ICHI is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization where voting power is derived from the $ICHI token. ICHI token holders govern the ecosystem, operate the protocols, and provide accountability for contributors and entities.
ICHI’s Outreach Programs - ICHI offers engaging opportunities to the web3 community through its developer bounties, ambassador programs, student programs, and community events. Want to get involved? Join ICHI’s Discord.