ICHI Docs v3
Tenets & Core Values
The ICHI community has tenets that drive every action, decision, or move that is made.

The ICHI community believes in the following:

  • We exist to provide member communities with all the benefits of their own currency.
  • Voting power derived from ICHI governs ICHI.
  • Only the community of each individual project can govern the treasury backing its currency.
  • ICHI holders are incentivized to grow member communities.
Community members can participate in governance through Snapshot. Any community member may propose a change to a tenet. After rigorous debate, the community may vote to change, add, or remove a tenet.
Community members can participate in governance through Snapshot.

Core Themes

  • ICHI turns Total Value Locked into Protocol Owned Liquidity.
  • ICHI enables community-controlled and truly decentralized DeFi.
  • ICHI helps crypto projects build communities and protect their token price.
  • ICHI turns DeFi into an improved revenue stream for crypto projects.
  • ICHI aligns incentives between crypto projects and their users.

Core Values

Stability, Integrity, Relationship-Focused, Innovation, Collaboration