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Empowering Crypto Projects With Community-Controlled DeFi.
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Stronger Money, Stronger Communities

What is ICHI?

ICHI is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that gives crypto projects the tools they need to participate in DeFi more efficiently.

DeFi Isn’t Efficient…Yet

DeFi has become instrumental in the growth and adoption of crypto but is risky and expensive for projects to conduct business and build their communities. ICHI solves 3-key problems to allow these projects to utilize DeFi more efficiently.
DeFi relies on centralized business models that extract value from crypto projects. Crypto projects need stable assets for business transactions and are forced to sell their tokens in exchange for stable tokens. Traditional liquidity programs force crypto projects to put their tokens up for sale in exchange for necessary liquidity.

ICHI’s Solution

ICHI solves these problems by providing crypto projects the tools they need to operate their own sustainable, community-controlled economies. ICHI creates products that allow a project to develop their own stable asset (backed by their community’s token), and their own liquidity programs that turns Total Value Locked into Protocol Owned Liquidity. These products include:
With these products, ICHI aligns incentives between crypto projects and their communities by encouraging the purchasing and use of their project's tokens.