What is Yield IQ?

  • Yield IQ is a concentrated liquidity provision algorithm that generates compelling returns with simple and painless user experience. Users deposit a single token and earn passive returns while the algorithm actively accumulates your preferred token and earns fees.

Grow Any Token

  • Yield IQ on ICHI's Vaults give liquidity providers an automated liquidity management strategy that accumulates more of their deposited asset.

  • Yield IQ enables users to accumulate their favorite tokens without requiring their projects providing farming rewards.

How Do Yield IQ Vaults Work?

1️⃣ Deposit your preferred token and receive LP tokens representing your share in the liquidity pool.

2️⃣ Yield IQ deploys your tokens into concentrated liquidity AMMs like Uniswap V3, adjusting positions based on market conditions.

3️⃣ Earn trading fees on your tokens while benefitting from potential appreciation.

4️⃣ Withdraw your initial deposit and earnings at any time by exchanging your LP tokens for your share of assets in the vault.

Yield IQ - Simple & Smart

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