ICHI Docs V2
Angel Vaults
A Uniswap v3 liquidity management protocol allowing single-sided asset deposits. Created for projects to build a treasury of project owned liquidity and LPs to not need to manage their Uni v3 position
ICHI Angel Vaults combine the rewarding and simple experience of Uniswap V2 with the concentrated liquidity of Uniswap V3. This means that liquidity providers earn more fees without having to actively manage the price ranges of their positions. In addition to providing liquidity providers the opportunity to earn higher trading fees, Angel Vaults also provide a number of features that benefit the projects that establish them, including:
  • Buy Liquidity: providing single asset liquidity underneath the price of a participating project’s token increases the price of that token.
  • Deflationary Liquidity Rewards: By creating branded dollars through ICHI and then establishing an Angel Vault with that branded dollar, crypto projects can offset the cost of liquidity rewards. This is due to the upward price pressure created from locking the community’s scarce token when minting its branded dollar and then using it as the single asset deposited in the Angel Vault.
  • Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL): depositing a portion of the assets backing that project’s branded dollar into the Angel Vault creates sustainable, long-lasting liquidity.
The combination of an Angel Vault + a Branded Dollar provides benefits that outweigh those provided to projects and LPs using Uniswap alone.
ICHI’s Angel Vaults are the easiest and most cost effective way for projects to increase their liquidity floor, enabling:
  • LPs to earn more trading fees with less,
  • Liquidity rewards to increase the amount of buy side liquidity without also incentivizing sell pressure,
  • The inflationary cost of rewards to be offset by the deflationary minting of the project’s branded dollar, and
  • Protocols to build assets under management (AUM) backing their branded dollar.
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