ICHI Docs v3
The ICHI DAO Community

DAO Structure

ICHI is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which means operations and decisions are dictated by ICHI hodlers. The current ICHI DAO structure is a representation of the mechanism voted upon by xICHI hodlers.
The current leadership and workstream structure includes a community workstream consisting of a community coordinator, online moderators, and community team. It also includes core-team members from organizations hired by the DAO.

Ambassador Program

ICHI’s Community Team includes an Ambassador Program designed for community members to join the ICHI team on a part-time basis. ICHI Ambassadors must possess an knowledge of ICHI, desire and skills to work part-time for the DAO, and run through an application process operated by the community coordinator.

The ICHI Foundation

The ICHI Foundation was created by the DAO and it enables the community to carry out the wishes of the DAO, deploy on other chains, establish a grant program and hire a larger, decentralized team for marketing, growth and development. The Foundation is an incorporated entity, operated and deployed by the community, and ensures the safety and legality of all ICHI operations.

Community Control

The community treasury is operated by multi-signature wallets that are held by a collection of delegated community members and core-team members.